Becoming A Medical Aesthetician

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Skin care is extremely important nowadays. In fact, more and more people from all over the world realize how important caring properly for your skin can be. Both men and women use a series of treatments for beautiful skin, as well as to prevent the effects of aging or reduce its visible marks.


Aestheticians are specialists who can help anyone achieve the beautiful skin they desire. So, they are licensed skin-care specialists that know exactly how to treat facial skin to maintain and improve its appearance. These specialists commonly work with individuals who experience serious skin issues. For example, their skin or general appearance may be affected by trauma, as well as by medical procedures such as surgery. This is why such a specialist has to attend medical aesthetics courses to learn all about skin analysis and massage, as well as skin treatment, cosmetics, makeup application and even hair removal.

As numerous people find themselves in the need of at least one of these services, becoming a medical aesthetician can seem a rather good idea. So, this can be an extremely profitable profession, as well as a rewarding one. In case you are considering becoming a medical aesthetician, you should know that there are some courses you will have to attend to practice as a skin-care specialist.


Below you can find the list of courses you will need enroll to be able to earn the right to practice as a medical aesthetician.

1. To become a medical aesthetician you will first have to earn your high school degree. So, you should graduate from high school or complete a General Education Degree program.

2. The next step will be earning a degree in cosmetology. However, you should not worry at all about this, as such a degree can simply be earned by anyone. There are numerous programs you can attend and if you are passionate about this domain you will meet no difficulties in studying it.

3. The third thing to do is to complete a training in medical aesthetics. This training should have at least 600 hours and should be approved by the Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology.

4. Even though you may imagine that earning this degree is the last thing you will need to do to become a medical aesthetician, you should know that there is one last step. You will have to pass all written and practical examinations at the agency that governs cosmetology in the state in which you live.


However, it is important to know that requirements to becoming a certified medical aesthetician will most likely vary from one state to another. Check the regulations that apply in your state to be certain that you will complete all steps on your way to develop a career as a medical aesthetician.

Clay Facial Powder For Great Rejuvenated Skin

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There are many expensive products, promising a younger appearance. No, you don not have to waste a lot of money on such products. All you have to do is to bu clay and use it as it should be. Clat it’s natural and has great effects on your skin. Clay powders have been used even since the heydays of ancient Rome and Egypt over 2000 years ago.


Apply the mask made from clay for a firmer, healthy and younger-loking skin. Clay powders for facials has many benefits such as:

  • tightens and tones, being perfect for your skin and neck; the skin is cleaned and toned, there will be less wrinkles and with regular use, the effects can be remarkable


  • infuses with minerals feed and rejuvenate the skin, so if your skin has been affected by sun, dry indoor air, wind and air polluants, facial clay powders will nourish your skin


  • it has no preservatives, you just have to mix it with fresh water, which is very healthy for your skin
  • exfoliates gently as the fine powders of facila clay causes mild exfoliation effect, removing dead cells and encourages new cell growth; your skin will be smooth, young, radiant and circulation will be stimulated
  • refines and cleans power, drawing drit and toxins from within pores as the masque dries your skin


There are several types of clay. You can combine a few of them to obtain a special and efficient face mask. When your mask is dry, you have to wash it off with cool water for a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling.

Tips For A Beautiful And Soft Skin During Winter

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The winter cold is brutal on your skin. The skin is affected also by the heat from radiators and by the wind. All these lead to increased redness, irritation and even eczema sometimes. The main things you should know and do are the following:

1. Consult a specialist that will tell you which is your type of skin, how you should take care of it. Moreover, he will troubleshoot your current skin regimen, recommend you products appropriate for you and will also give you advice on what to use, what to avoid and many other things.


2. Moisturize your skin more during winter. Drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol and soda. Additionally, keep your cream hand and lip balm closely.Don’t forget to drink water even if you’re not thirsty, It will help your skin, but also your entire body.

3. Keep closely Aloe vera pure gel in case rashes, burns and cuts will emerge.


4. You’ll also need an exfoliating product for face and body.It will smooth your skin without stripping your skin raw. It also diminishes the signs of aging.

5. Use sunscreen as the winter sun and the snow glare can damage your skin. Hence, you should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outside.

6. Avoid wet socks and gloves because they can irritate your skin, cause cracking, sores, eczema and itching.


7. Place several humidifiers in your home because they will disperse the moisture better.

8. Use feet lotions with glycerine or with petroleum jelly as for this season you need something stronger.


9. Avoid superhot showers because they dry your skin.

These tips are a must if you want to have a beautiful and soft skin even during winter time.

Medical Esthetician Job Opportunities

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Aesthetics industry is experiencing tremendous growth and is rising consumer demand. A career as a medical esthetician offers great career opportunities and a great salary. Plus, such a professional will make money from making someone feeling beautiful, healthier and thus, happier!


A medical esthetician can work in a salon, spa, resort, beauty centers, as well as in cosmetic market, in purchasing or beauty consulting. Some can also move into the medical community as esthetician training instructors or paramedical estheticians.

Related to future opportunities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020 is anticipated a 25% growth in esthetics jobs, which is faster than the average for all careers. A recent study also showed that spa industry revenue grew 4.5% faster than the U.S. economy overall, which may involve a continued growth for skin care professions.


The salary of a medical esthetician depends on many things, but esthetician salaries average $28,920 per year. Many can increase their income by working full-time instead of part-time. Nonetheless, salary grows with experience, growing clientele and increasing hours worked.

A good esthetician has to work very well with his hands and be able to make his clients feel relaxed and knowledgeable about their skin care needs and the products they should use. A medical esthetician has to stay in touch with the latest medical technologies and products. Obviously, such a specialist has to focus, to be calm, patient and sociable, knowing how to make people feel comfortable.


Future career opportunities are great, so those who want to become medical estheticians, can be sure that they will have a wonderful career and can choose several paths.

Tips For Healthy Skin

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Medical estheticians are specialists qualified in skincare who can easily help patients find the best treatments to improve skin health. These specialists can help patients feel, but also look much better. However, to keep your skin as beautiful and youthful as possible, you need to properly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize it yourself, everyday. Keeping your skin healthy and beautiful is not such a difficult process. Here are some tips you may use to enjoy a glowing, youthful skin for longer.

1. Cleanse

Cleansing is without a doubt the simplest skincare step to complete. First, you will have to find a good cleanser for your skin type. When your skin responds well to a product, stick to it. Avoid bar soaps as they usually tend to dry out the skin and harm it. A creamy cleanser is recommended in case you have dry skin, while a clear cleanser is the better choice for oily skin.

Even though cleansing is highly important, you should make sure not to over-cleanse your skin. When over-cleansing, symptoms such as acne, rashes and seborrheic dermatitis can occur. Cleansing your skin at night to remove makeup is always a must, so never go to bed with your makeup on.


2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is almost as important as cleansing. However, many people seem to skip this crucial skincare step. Exfoliation has immediate positive effects on the skin, making it look more youthful. Skin can be exfoliated with the use of a series of products, but also through chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Scrubs may also be used to remove dead cells and dead skin.

Exfoliating your skin once a week is a must. Find the products that are best fitted for your skin type and your needs and you will definitely enjoy numerous benefits.


3. Moisturize

One of the main rules of beauty is moisturizing your skin. Even though opinions are shared on this particular aspect, investing in a good, qualitative moisturizer is a must. In case you have dry skin, this process becomes even more important. Dry skin can easily be harmed, so you need to hydrate it properly.

Some specialists also recommend using eye creams, as this area is very sensitive, being extremely thin and so susceptible to wrinkles.


4. Apply sunscreen

The most important cause of skin damage is the sun. Using a sunscreen during the summer is a must. You can actually purchase two moisturizers. You may use one for the night and the other during the day. This last product can include UV protection.

UV protection is much more important than what you may initially imagine. Numerous skin conditions can be developed due to the sun and actually skin can look older when exposed to UV radiation constantly.


Protecting yourself from the sun, treating your skin gently, adopting a healthy lifestyle and managing stress properly can also help you look and feel much better.

Education Requirements for Medical Aestheticians

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If you have thought about working in the medical industry, you may already know or heard what a medical esthetician does, which is to specialise and study more on skincare, of course. Doing the proper treatment to the body especially to the skin on the face is what this job does best to bring back what was lost either by accident or after some medical procedures.


Education and Training

Medical estheticians receive formal training in cosmetology and technical colleges. Prerequisites require that students be at least 18 years of age and hold a High School Diploma. Training includes:

  • skin diagnosis, that may include bacteriology, disinfection, hygiene, infection control and related subjects;
  • porosity;
  • laser skin rejuvenation and hair removal;
  • medical facials and chemical skin peels;
  • chemabrasion and dermaplaning;
  • intense pulsed light therapy;
  • skin care and tattoo reversal;
  • teen studies – teenage skin conditions;
  • business training for professional practices.

License Requirements

All medical estheticians must be licensed to practice in the U.S. Although requirements vary by state, candidates generally need to complete an approved cosmetology program and pass a state licensing examination that consists of a written test, and in some states, a practical test.

Types of Medical Esthetician Jobs


Medical esthetician’s jobs may devolve on specialisations in treatments offered by clinics. In some cases treatments like skin care, acne, skin infections, tattoo or hair removal or other treatments may be commercial operations forming an important part of the business of the clinic. At this stage of a career, there are several excellent job and career options available, some very lucrative.

  • Operating their own medical esthetician business: either specialist or general medical esthetician services, receiving referrals from local medical practices.
  • Operating a general cosmetology and medical esthetician service: this works as above for the purely medical esthetician business, but includes the wider cosmetology market as a revenue stream.
  • Working as a travelling therapists for medical practices: this is more common in less serviced regions, where the demand is spread across areas where medical esthetician and dermatology services are less available.
  • Advanced specialist medical esthetician: this would give you the chance to work with top gun skin specialists.

Perks and Drawbacks of Being a Medical Esthetician

If you really love to make others look and feel their best, then this career could be very rewarding for you, especially if you are passionate about skin care. This section of medical care has always been in demand, even in times of financial crisis.


Nevertheless, as medical careers go, being an esthetician is not one of the highest paying medical careers. If you are looking for a particularly lucrative career, you can look into other careers in the field of dermatology such as being a dermatology nurse or even a dermatologist.

All You Should Know About The Medical Esthetician Job

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Looks are always important to people. Actually, looking good can make anyone feel great, so there is no wonder that beauty salons are always full. Along with this practice, the popularity of medical estheticians has also grown. Many people are looking nowadays for medical esthetician jobs. These specialists have to be trained properly to be able to help patients understand how to take care of their bodies, skin and hair, but also overall appearance.

Medical estheticians are qualified skincare specialists who help patients find the best treatments to improve appearance, as well as skin health. This profession is great for people who love cosmetology, but would like to specialize in the skin care field.

In medical esthetician schools, students learn how to cure skin disorders and actually how to deal with all type of patients, regardless of the type of disease they may be suffering from.

  • Specialists will also learn how to perform medical peels, facials, as well as professional extractions or exfoliations.
  • Actually, during the training process, a medical esthetician will learn the basics to skin care, application of makeup, hair removal, but also massage.
  • Students will also learn how to recognize a disease which requires professional medical assistance.

Requirements on becoming a medical esthetician will vary from one state to another. An individual may become an medical esthetician in case he had underwent a cosmetology training or a course at a beauty college or a school of cosmetology.

  • Enrolling to a training course is a must to become a certified medical esthetician.
  • Most commonly training takes an average of 300 hours, lasting about nine months.
  • A 1200 hour training program will help students learn everything about this field, becoming even more specialized.
  • Students have to pass a series of exams to complete a training course.


Salaries offered when it comes to medical esthetician jobs also vary from one state to another, and naturally from one employer to another. In the United States, typical salary for this job will range from $32,000 up to $52,000. Yearly salary can be higher or lower, depending on a series of factors.

A medical esthetician can work in beauty salons, spas, resorts, but also in cosmetic marketing and beauty consulting. They are skin care specialists who can actually work in any kind of healthcare facility. These specialists are commonly employed to perform procedures such as medical peels, exfoliations, photo light facials, skin care treatments and recovery treatments after surgeries.

The Skills and Responsibilities of a Medical Esthetician

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Nowadays, most people are concerned with having a nice physical appearance, because looks are very important in every aspect of our lives. This is the ugly truth and there is no point in arguing with it, because out of 2 candidates for a job with the same background education and work experience, a manager will choose the one who looks nicer. No wonder that a medical esthetician is so sought after and that both men and women resort to his services in order to get that perfect look. And the financial rewards are excellent, too.

If you want to become a medical esthetician, there are some things you need to know. First, no one can be a professional medical esthetician without licensed studies. Prior to becoming a medical esthetician, you will have to graduate high school, earn a cosmetology degree, complete about 600 hours of training and then pass the examinations administered by the cosmetology governing agency in your state. Then, you can start searching for an open medical esthetician position at a hospital or beauty center. Even though you have completed the necessary training, you should know that every medical esthetician has a set of skills and responsibilities s/he needs to possess. A medical esthetician must be familiar with skin care procedures, including detailed skin evaluation, facial massages, chemical peels, skin care facials and extractions, body and facial hair removal and treatment masks.

Also, a medical esthetician should be able to demonstrate how to properly clean and care for your skin, by means of professional products. Being able to recommend the right skin care products to a patient is also something a medical esthetician must do. A medical esthetician must also be trained to use hair, nail or cosmetic instruments. Then, a medical esthetician should always be makeup artistry knowledgeable, in order to advice patients regarding the right type of make up for them and the correct form of applying it. Skills in medical procedures are also required by some employers, because a medical esthetician will often work with plastic surgeons. Last, but not least, it would be great for a medical esthetician to have the business skills to keep records of the clients and provide professional services according to their needs.

Why To Get Your Medical Esthetician License

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Developing a career and opting for a very well paid domain can be quite a challenge for everyone. The society’s demands are in continuous change and we can surely say that job requirements are constantly growing. Anyway, the medical field will always remain one in which people are going to be able to form a satisfying career. Opting for education for medical esthetician can be a really good idea. Well, to be able to opt for education for medical esthetician, you first need to know exactly what such a profession means.

A medical esthetician will surely have numerous chances in finding a very well paid job, as the demand when it comes to cosmetic procedures and interventions has very much grown in the most recent years. There is no wonder that more clinics are looking for professional and licensed medical estheticians. A medical esthetician is a specialist which will help patients know what kind of changes can be done to the skin and the types of interventions that can, or should, be performed. A medical esthetician is the person you should seek advice to when you want to change your looks, undergo cosmetic intervention or medical treatment with such a purpose. A medical esthetician is the specialist you should talk to when you experience some skin problems or hair related conditions. The medical esthetician will know when and how to recommend exfoliation or various techniques for skin and hair issue treatments.

A medical esthetician will always have a major purpose: help patients feel better. Anyway, if this seems to be quite an interesting job in your opinion, you need to know that to become medical esthetician is going to require a lot of time and training. If you want to obtain a medical esthetician license, you should be ready to attend courses and pass all examinations. In the United States, becoming a medical esthetician, will require at least 600 hours of training at a school which possesses the Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology accreditation. Here, the examination will be a state administered one. You may find such requirements to vary from one state to another.

What is a Medical Esthetician?

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There are so many different jobs around in the medical profession that you do not have to be an actual doctor or nurse to fit into one of these categories however you do need to be well trained in the sciences of medicine or the area of expertise that you work in. For the medical esthetician you need to have passed competency courses in a certificate module or have done a degree with relative subjects in this field.

The esthetician is qualified employee of a medical center that uses their skills from the job in the area of beauty and skin care. Burn victims might find that the best person to see after a sever burn would be the Medical Esthetician. There are many different courses you can go on around the world not only in universities but also through correspondence courses in order to secure a position in this type of industry.

Currently this career is a very good opportunity not only for great salaries but also for the fact that you can travel and work with this type of skill. Every place that you visit in your own country will require a medical esthetician however making sure you have a visa to travel or making sure you speak the language fluently will help you to travel the world while working in this industry.

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